The Cats


Looking dapper in front of the fountain
Looking dapper in front of the fountain

Hank is our outdoor cat. I’ve never owned an outdoor cat before, but this one came with the house that we purchased a few years ago. According to our neighbors, Hank’s former owners left him here when they moved out. Who does that right?

He’s the sweetest cat – loves pets and sitting on laps. He’s an excellent mouser, but sadly has killed a few baby birds as well. He has a very strict territory around our house and chases away any other cat that dares enter without his permission. He also follows us down the street whenever we go for a walk – the neighbors think it’s hilarious to ask if we are “walking our cat”.

Funny fact: Hank is TERRIFIED of our chickens. In his defense, they are rather big bullies. They often try to surround him and back him into corners – poor guy.

Fitz and Zelda:

Fitz and Zelda are our sibling indoor cats that were adopted from the animal shelter a few years ago. Fitzgerald has a little bit of attitude – the type of attitude that wakes you up at 3AM because the food bowl is half empty and Zelda is the biggest sweetheart you’ll ever meet.

These two love to cuddle, lounge in the sun, and eat grass. They have been trying very hard to befriend Hank, with very little success to show for their efforts. I would say he’s grown to tolerate them as long as they don’t get too close. They mostly ignore Greta except for the few times when she forgets to give Fitz a wide berth. He’s pretty quick to swing at her – sometimes with both paws. Remember that attitude I told you about?

Zelda is the tabby and Fitz is the black cat with the
Zelda is the tabby and Fitz is the black cat with the “feed me” look in his eyes.

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