The Bees

Earlier this year, I decided that we needed a hobby. This is how all great stories begin right?

Fresh honey and homemade beeswax candles sounded right up my alley, so beekeeping it was. I quickly signed us up for a class and we spent one Saturday in January learning the basics of beekeeping. As new beekeeping experts, we promptly ordered a nucleus of bees set to arrive shortly after we returned from our honeymoon a few months later.

In between this time, there was some purchasing of beekeeping supplies and a few discussions about where to place the hive on our 1/3 acre lot, but it was largely forgotten until the bees actually arrived. I can safely now say that there is nothing that will make you feel the full weight of your lack of preparedness and overall insufficient knowledge than a box of live bees being loaded into the back of your car. Yes, I said car. I was pretty jealous of the other people arriving in trucks.

Elliott Beehive
Inside our beehive

Anyway – we arrived safely at home and loaded the bees into their new hive. All was well for a few weeks and we began to feel a very false sense of security. VERY FALSE. False as in “I don’t need to wear a bee suit – these guys are super tame”. Ha.

After a bee sting to my face and another one to Steven’s neck – the bee suits were back on. We just added a second super to the hive and are looking forward to harvesting some honey next spring. Fingers crossed that our bees make it through the winter!


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