The Dog

Phoebe is the newest, and youngest member of The Elliott House. We adopted Phoebe from Blue Dog Rescue, which is an amazing rescue group in Central Texas that takes unwanted and injured dogs from shelters and places them in foster homes until they can be  adopted.

Happiest puppy I’ve ever met – Look at that smile!

Phoebe had a really rough start to life – she came into the shelter in Feb 2016 as a tiny puppy with a bite on her front leg. The bite was infected and the infection had spread to her bone. She also had hookworms and demodex mange. She was really a sad sight and the shelter was ill-equiped to deal with all the medical problems, so Blue Dog was a better fit for her.

Phoebe’s leg infection made it impossible for her to bear weight on it – so she limped around as a tripod for the first few months of her life. After clearing the infection with antibiotics and doing a few rounds of physical therapy, she’s doing much better.

We just completed the adoption paperwork and are so happy to welcome this little girl to the family – welcome home Phoebe!


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