Potato Tower Update

Ya’ll…I think this latest gardening endeavor is actually going to be successful!

Our Yukon Gold potato vines are growing and thriving. Austin was hit with 5 straight days of rain last week and all of our plants are very grateful for the moisture.

We built this potato tower back in January and planted 10 seed potatoes, which have now developed into some very tall potato vines. I added some more straw over the weekend and continued piling up soil around the vines.

The potato tower is growing a little bit higher with new straw and soil.

Anyway – I think we’ll see some flowers soon, which means I should be able to harvest a few potatoes. I’m sooo excited. I see some potato, egg, & cheese breakfast tacos in our future.

A view from the top

I think the vines will probably begin to die back toward the end of April, or early May and we can pull up all the potatoes at that point. Until then… a few facts about Yukon Gold Potatoes:

  • This variety was developed in Canada and released to the public in 1980
  • Early marketing campaigns described them as the “the potato with the butter already in it”.
  • Unlike other potatoes, Yukon Gold potatoes can stand up to both dry heat and wet heat cooking methods, making them perfect for boiling, baking, or pan frying.

One Yukon Gold potato also contains 50% of your daily requirement of Vitamin C, and 15% of your daily requirement for Iron. Nutritious and delicous!


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