Putting the chickens to work

We got our chickens for the sole purpose of enjoying some fresh eggs from happy backyard chickens. I’m convinced that the nutritional differences between eggs from chickens that forage naturally versus those in a commercial factory farm setting justify the extra work that comes along with caring for chickens. All day long.

But, what if the chickens could pull their weight by doing more than just laying eggs?

Chickens naturally love scratching around in the dirt looking for delicious worms and grubs. If you can harness this energy – it can be used in a constructive manner. If left to their own devices, chickens generally become major nuisances, preferring to tear up all the mulch around your roses, fruit trees, and garden beds.

What to focus this massive amount of destructive chicken energy on? THE COMPOST!

Steven loves working outdoors, but for some reason, avoids the compost bin like the plague. Our compost bin was built over a year ago and has literally only been turned once – and that was a partial job that was interrupted by mouse. Luckily, chickens are not scared of mice like husbands.

Compost Chicks2
Chickens at work in the compost bin. Ethel is supervising.
We opened up the bin and placed a few chickens inside and they went to work immediately! I’ve never seen chickens so excited without a treat bag nearby. They found so many worms, I’m afraid our worm population may need to be replenished.

Compost Chicks
Isn’t there a song somewhere about eating worms?
Anyway – Steven is happy that his job of turning the compost bin has been reassigned. The chickens are happy to find a source of fresh worms. And the mouse…well, I’ve never actually laid eyes on it. Steven swears it’s living in our compost, but I have my doubts 😉


3 thoughts on “Putting the chickens to work

  1. I’ve heard that you can also turn them loose in your vegetable garden area to scratch and loosed up the dirt before you plant. Maybe only if its a fenced in one, though.


  2. Oh, ours have definitely made their way into our vegetable gardens. Usually uninvited, but they do a great job of scratching up the dirt. And eating our freshly planted seeds. Oh…chickens…


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