Camellias and Peach Blossoms

There’s no doubt about it – summer is my favorite time of year. I love the long days and warm nights, best enjoyed with a cold beer. And fireflies – there’s something magical about sitting outside as the sun is setting and watching fireflies dance across the night.

Summer feels closer than ever now – we’re starting to see blooms on the peach trees and the bees are loving it.

Belle of Georgia peach tree. One of three in our mini-orchard.

Our Camellia is also in full bloom and is gorgeous. Camellias can be tricky to grow here in Central Texas. We tend to have high levels of alkalinity in our soil and Camellias thrive in a more acidic environment. Ours lived in a container for years but eventually became root bound and stopped blooming, so we decided to try to amend our soil and plant it in the ground. As you can see – it’s a pretty happy little plant now. It gets about an hour, maybe 2, of direct sunlight a day in our courtyard and does really well as long as it gets watered regularly and fertilized each year.

Camellia Japonica in bloom.

Our garden is still producing from the cole crops we planted in the fall. We’ve harvested the kale several times to add to omelets and salads, and we’ve had really good luck with broccoli this year.

Looks like I’ll be cooking some broccoli for dinner tonight – Yum!

The brussels sprouts haven’t been quite as easy. I’ve been watering those suckers for months and the sprouts are still tiny – it seems like we’re still months away from being able to harvest them.

Cole Crops
Red Russian Kale & Jade Cross Brussels Sprouts

Urban farming at it’s best!


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