Goodbye Greta – an Era has Ended

The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven not man’s – Mark Twain

Greta, although we didn’t always see eye-to-eye on things, like whether or not you should be allowed to stand on my kitchen table…you were a very loving and loyal dog and you will be missed. Read more about Greta’s shenanigans here.

Going for a ride in the new truck

I love you for loving my husband so completely. You waited by the door for hours every time he left the house and you loved nothing more than simply sitting with him, waiting for a scratch on the head. You loved eating cat food, going on walks, having your paw held in someone’s hand, getting into the trash and looking out the window.

You hated only 3 things in life: crates, thunder, and being away from Steven.

Greta sharing her dog bed with her best friend Pearl.
Greta sharing her dog bed with her best friend Pearl.

Although the past few months were rough – and heart disease slowed you down, I truly believe you are at peace now. You shared a lifetime of memories with my sweet husband and you won’t be forgotten. Just this morning, after finding the cat food bowls had been knocked over and emptied during the night, I thought of you and smiled.


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