Purple Beauty Peppers

We’re currently being pelted by the remnants of Hurricane Patricia right now – so apologies for the picture. I would have preferred a much sunnier day to shoot, but was so excited to have some peppers that I couldn’t wait to share!

We planted 3 bell pepper plants back in May – and were really excited about enjoying some fresh-from-the-garden peppers. We waited, and waited, and then gave up. All summer long the plants grew larger, but never produced fruit. Looking back – I don’t think we gave them enough water. These Texas summers are brutal – you basically need to water vegetables daily, otherwise the plant wilts almost immediately when the sun rises.

Anyway – after a very disappointing summer with a whopping total of zero peppers, I was holding out hope for a fall crop. SUCCESS – finally! We have a few green bell peppers currently growing, but the most productive plant turned out to be our Purple Beauty. It’s just gorgeous and full of small eggplant-colored peppers.

In addition to the gorgeous appearance of the fruit – some believe that it’s also more nutritious. Apparently the deeper color of the pepper means it holds a higher number of dietary antioxidants – which is a win/win all the way around.

Can’t wait to harvest these guys!

Purple Beauty Peppers
Purple Beauty Peppers

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