The First Egg

Five short months ago, we brought home 4 fluffy little chicks from the feed store in hopes of eating farm fresh eggs from our backyard.  After weeks of impatiently waiting (all me, Steven is super patient) the day has finally arrived – one of our chickens laid an egg! Rhonda, one of our Rhode Island Reds, has been exhibiting all the classic signs – submissive squatting, exploring the nest box, and her comb has been growing larger and darkening over the past week. Today she entered the nest box and sat for almost 30 minutes and then squawked like the coop was on fire – I was slightly concerned she was dying, but apparently this is normal?

Anyway – she ran out of the coop and over to the other chickens and I went to check the egg box and there it was! A tiny little perfectly shaped brown egg. So exciting!

Rhonda –  congratulations. You are officially my new favorite chicken. Now, go lay another egg.

She looks pretty proud of herself doesn't she?
She looks pretty proud of herself doesn’t she?

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